Sunday, 21 March 2010

Loans and credit cards and a game card!

Recently in my emails, I have been bombarded with offers from different agencies of a fast track loans. This seems to be the next trend in the net and even in many societies. Credit cards are just one example bombarding the developing countries. How good are they? Well, for someone who has a hard time making both ends meet, applying for credit cards seems to be a fast solution...that is if you have a good standing with your bank. But I discovered while having a nice time out and strolling in a mall, a good looking guy approached me. He was nice and quite insisting! He asked me to go to their stall. I was in a hurry but did not want to be impolite, so I followed. He asked many questions, giving me no time to think about my answers. This guy was selling credit cards from a well know insurance company. I was not interested really and he knew that from the very start so, he came up with his plan B...or is it the main objective? I understood that you do not want to buy their offer, they have an alternative...umm quite interesting! They have a coupon for you to play some cards for FREE or more, a great slot machine for FREE too...well not really. I discovered that all is about sales talk. You play for free provided you buy an item in their other stalls and the price? Well, it's like buying their insurance! In the end, I found a good way to escape and said to be back with someone else and never returned! So men and women out there, beware of such a trick. If you are too shy to say no, at least be ready to have a strong excuse to avoid getting into the trap!

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