Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Social Security Revolution?

The issue on the revision of the social security in the US is once again the talk of the town. Yes, many suggestions and speculations but who knows really what will happen or have happened? My big question is: how is it taking into account ALL citizen of the country? All tax payers particularly those who are same-sex couples? There is a huge group lobbying for this and they should be heard. This is the situation that is currently very hot, not only in the US but as well in many European countries. If US wants to be a role model for protecting every citizen of the country, then I think that it is about time to listen to this growing number of people wanting to protect their love ones and hoping to offer a secured future for their family. One can learn more by exploring the website of the LGBT group:

The fight of same-sex couples to be given equal rights as any other couples in the US has become a serious concern not only of the gay community, but also of many straight people who believe that human rights should be enjoyed by everyone regardless of one's sexual orientation.

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